I don't know what to write about.

I know I've been absent for a while...for this I greatly apologize to all of my readers (well, all 6 of you). But I just had to linger on the Masters post. I mean, other than proposing to Ashley, this was the greatest day of my life! So it deserved a week or so atop of the blog page! Another reason for not writing is that nothing cool has happened lately. Or funny. Maybe I'll just make something up? Have you ever played the game "2 truths and a lie"? Well we are going to play it right now. I am going to write a series of 2 truths and a lie. Tell me which ones are which! Ready?? Go!

1) I have skiied the Swiss Alps. I have bungee jumped in Zambia. I have rafted the most dangerous river in the world, the Zambezi river.

2) I Facebook. I Myspace. I Twitter.

3) I have lived in 3 different time zones. I have never owned a car. I (personally) have never owned a pet.

4) I play the piano. I play the guitar. I play the violin.

5) I was a ski bum in Bend. I was an assistant golf pro in Bend. I was a white water raft guide in Bend.

6) In golf, I have shot a 69. I have shot a 68. I have shot a 67.

7) I love Chinese food. I love Thai food. I love Japanese food.

8) My favorite color is blue. My favorite number is 1. My favorite day is Tuesday.

9) I ski. I snowmobile. I snowboard.

10) I hate bees. I hate beavers. I hate beagles.

11) I wish I could waterski on 1 ski. I wish I could skateboard. I wish I could fly.

12) I loved elementary school. I loved middle school. I loved high school.

13) Ashley has 2 dogs. Ashley has 2 aunts that aren't really aunts. Ashley has 2 sisters.

14) If I had a gun to my head: I would root for the Beavers. I would root for the Huskies. I would root for the Lakers.

15) If I could go anywhere in the world: I would go to Cuba. I would to China. I would go to Chile.

That's about all I can think of right now. I'd love to hear some guesses! Bonus prize for the person who gets them ALL correct!!

Good luck, and don't forget: always tell the truth!


j.o. said...

Lies as follows...
rafting, twitter, 3 time zones, guitar, golf, 67, chinese, tuesday?, snowboard, beavers, fly, middle? , 2 sisters, Huskies, China

Alex Casebeer said...

Leaderboard so far:
Olinger - 8/15

Ashley O'Dea said...

swiss alps
3 time zones
raft guide
2 sisters

Alex Casebeer said...

New leader! Ashely - 9/15

Alex Casebeer said...

From my mom!
Okay, here's a stab at it:
1. lie-- swiss alps
2. lie-- myspace
3.lie-- pet
5. lie-white water
6. lie --I don't know -- maybe 67?
7. I actually don't know this one, either!
8. lie-- tuesday ???
9. lie -- snowmobile and let's keep it that way
10. lie -- beagles. this one made me laugh!
11. hmmmmmmmm. don't know.
12. I thought you loved all of them! but probably middle school is the lie
13. Ashley does NOT have 2 sisters that I am aware of....
14. no beavers!
15. not going to China...

NEW LEADER! 11/15! Well done mom!

Kaylan said...

Hi! I just happend upon your blog by accident, and wanted to say hey! I really like the blog!

Congrats on the engagement- such an amazing proposal story!!!

The Masters looks to have been so much fun! That's my boyfriend's dream to go there just once too! I'm definitely going to have to show him your pictures.

Stop by my blog anytime. Have a great Monday! --Kaylan

Matthew Casebeer said...

Here are my lies:
1) Swiss Alps
2) Twitter.
3) Time zones (only 2, right?)
4) Guitar
5) White water raft guide
6) 68
7) Thai
8) 1
9) Snowmobile
10) Beagles
11) Skateboard
12) Middle school
13) 2 sisters
14) Huskies
15) China

How'd I do?

Matthew Casebeer said...

And these are Chris's guesses:
1) Swiss Alps
2) Myspace
3) Never owned a pet
4) Violin
5) White water raft guide
6) 68
7) Thai
8) 1
9) Snowboard
10) Bees
11) Skateboard
12) Elementary school
13) 2 sisters
14) Beavers
15) Chile

How'd she do?

Alex Casebeer said...

New Leader - well, a tie leader - my brother, Matthew...11/15. Well done! Sorry, Chris, you didn't fare so well........

Scott said...

14) I hope you would never root for the huskies...

Anonymous said...

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