Thoughts, hot sauce, and pickles

I'm not even going to intro this blog. Here we go.

Some good thoughts/quotes I've heard recently:
- God is an expert in taking care of His people in the most uncertain times. - Andy Stanley (our pastor)
- Never let your character erode because of the present circumstances. - Andy Stanley
- Waiting can be turned into endurance and perseverance - with the proper perspective. - Jeff Hendrickson.
- The hardest part of waiting is not the waiting itself. It is dealing with the aftermath of acting in our frustration. - Hendrickson
- Despite your circumstances, there should still be something unique about the way you treat people. - Andy Stanley
- Never touch your face (or any body part) after dealing directly with Cayenne Peppers. - Alex Casebeer
- If Christ were to actually reveal Himself today, would you know where you stand? - taken from 1 John
- The man who's life lived IN love in fact lives IN God, and God lives IN him. - 1 John 5:16.

Steps to making Cayenne Pepper Hot Sauce - follow closely.
1) Grow peppers in yard
2) Water peppers, pick peppers when completely red.
3) Dry peppers using a wire hanger found in your closet, and hang awkwardly in the laundry room using clothes pins.
4) Look up many recipes online, decide on one.
5) Begin selecting the "chosen few" peppers because you grew 17 times too many. Turns out you only need 5 for this recipe.
6) Cut peppers, get peppers all over your hands and don't realize it.
7) Scratch face.
8) Scratch arm. . . . . and then leg.
9) Wipe sweat off forehead, because, well you are cooking PEPPERS.
10) After bottling pepper sauce, let the anticipation begin of "is this going to be good?" "or is it going to burn my mouth off?"
11) Realize your forehead is ON FIRE and you get can't it to stop.
12) Go hit golf balls and realize your arm and leg are BURNING LIKE NO TOMORROW
13) Come back, get sauce out, get a tortilla chip, and get ready for launch.
14) Dip, eat, think, reflect.
15) Realize you didn't put any salt or garlic in, dang it!
16) Add salt and garlic
17) Try again - and realize you got it right!
18) Brag.

And lastly, my story from the Fickle Pickle.

I went to use my free lunch at the Fickle Pickle (and to visit Ashley, of course) the other day and it was a very packed house. I sat outside for a variety of reasons, mainly because of the weather, and table availability. About halfway thru my meal, 3 older ladies (late 50's, early 60's, sorry if that offended anyone) stroll outside, Chardonnay in hand. The begin looking for places to sit, only to realize that it is totally full. One of them looks at my table (1 person sitting at a 4 top) and announces "Let's sit with this guy!". To which I respond, BRING IT ON CHICKS. At this point, Ashley gives me the stink eye (deserved) but what can I do? I have attracted cougars.

When they sit down, they are all talk. Talking about Florida, houses, 20 years ago, blah blah blah. I ask them what they are doing and Diane's response was "Oh, just out spending our husband's money!". Mary said "In my case, my booyyfriend". These gals were hilarious! We talked about the West Coast, Texas (where one was visiting from), food, Ashley, wine, the car business, the new show on TV about cougars, we covered it all. Once their food arrived, I left them to their party - they were having a great day! I got up to leave and said "See ya later, girls!" to which Diane's response was "Bye Alec". Hate that. Old people never get AleX right. It's always AleC. Why is that? Anyway, a good time had by all!

Well Ashley and I are off to Oregon today. We'll be busy - anniversary party, birthday party, golf tournament, trip to Bend to pack my house, visit Portland. . .we'll be busy, but we can't wait.

Crap! I gotta go. About to miss my fl.. . . .

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Kristopher said...

Love it man. And good quotes, I like the pepper anecdote too ;-). You know you made those ladies' day man. Old gals love to chat up a youngster now and again.

PS- I'm gonna have to try that 'if you knew me' game. Sounds fun! I may borrow the idea...