It's been a while...

Ths was an email that Ashley and I received from her sister. Just read it. You will die laughing.

hello family!
just thought i would let you know how my day went since i
didnt really get to talk to you all that much.....
well started of wkaing up with a verrrrryyyyyyy stiff neck
from my bike riding accident yesterday! ( ashley i forgot to
tell you i ran into a role going down a hill and couldnt
stop myself....and flew prolly 15 feet, if someone saw it,
it WOULD be the most embarrasing moment of my life!) and my
arms a little sore from jumping up and down and not letting
my hands be below my shoulders in rush practice, went to get
a coffee cause i felt a little tired and the were out of
espresso, went to class that was fine but had to give an
unexpected speach on barack obhama........ ya yall prolly
know how that turned out. after class and before work i have
30 minutes to get back to the apt shower and get to work.
knowing we have no food at our apt i went to chik fil a and
used one of my free coupons and they took for ever so while
i was back out of my parking space i went a little faster
than usual and was a milimeter away from SLAMMING into a
precious esclade, the man got out and statred yelling while
i just drove off while he took down my liscence plate number
even though i didnt even hit him! soo went to work freaking
out about everything else i had to do, and had to work by
myself which actually i liked cause i didnt have to do
anything.....then went to a younglife team dinner which was
aweosme but ended up missing role call at rush and prolly
getting fined, walked to my car and see a little tickt on my
window because ther is NO parking at the chi o house so
every car had a damn ticket on the window!...came home and
prcratinated studying a little bit then finally decided to
sit down and dow it and my chair fell out from under neath
me so i now have one loooonnng scratch from my shoulder down
to my butt :) and now im still up studying because i took a
aderol and dont feel tired! so i thought i would shoot you a
little hello message and update you on my wonderful

hope your was better than mine! I love you all!
Now I KNOW your day was better than THAT!! So smile and have a great day!

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Ashley O'Dea said...

Jamie was in a bit of a tizzy after this long day! And when she gets that way she forgets to proof read!!