Another great trip to the gym. . .

Remember when I was "that guy" at the gym about a year ago? Ok...maybe it is more frequent than once a year for me, but today was I NOT that guy. There were many "that guys" tonight. Should I say them guys? Those guys? Them there guys? At any rate, I was not that guy. They were that guy. Join me on my journey on the treadmill.

While I was running, there were 3 great games going on. You would think I'm talking about basketball or some sport on TV. Nope. Racquetball. Live. On 3 courts in front of me. Court #1 consisted of 2 dudes, probably mid 20's. They were that guy. Their attire? Let's start with the headband and move all the way down to the short shorts and knee high socks. Yep, you know that guy. In fact you see him sometimes running in a park or downtown. Tonight he (they) was (were) playing each other in a rousing game of racquetball. It was riveting watch them play like they were trying to swat flies. Swing swing swing MISS! Swing swing hit sideways! Swing swing hit the other player! Miss again! Water break! Hilarious.

Scene #2 was slightly more interesting because it was a boyfriend/girlfriend combo. Again, mid 20's. Athletic looking and friendly. I was first thinking that the boyfriend would go easy on his girlfriend, because naturally boys should always beat girls. Well she whopped his A. Had that poor boy running all over the place, whiffing, sweating, hitting himself in the shin because he swung so hard and missed, and so on. After 35 minutes it was game, set, match.

The last court was a solo match. One man vs one man - himself. A little different scene here, a mid 50's guy, sort of short. You might have seen him playing men's league softball or perhaps on the golf course. Poorly dressed. He was playing 2 balls - a blue one, and a red one - at the same time. Just whacking away. Swingswingswingswinghithiththitmissmissmissswing and so on. I don't think he took one single break. It was really impressive. Not sure whether he was waiting for someone to show up to play him or if he was ok going mono e self. Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, upstairs I ventured after my run and saw a 20-something attractive woman. She was working ONLY her abs and gluteus maximus. You can only imagine what she was wearing. One word - I-N-A-P-P-R-O-P-R-I-A-T-E. MOVING ON!

Needless to say, not sure how much actual working out I did. Entertainment value was high though, and that made it worth it!

In other news, Ashley is gone now. But this time it is ok - she's home for the WEDDING! That means we are within days folks. 15 to be exact. Not that I'm counting. But I am.

Ok that's all for now. Enjoy your workouts, don't be that guy, and until next time, don't worry about whiffing, sweating, shanking or losing. Don't care what anyone on the treadmills think - just play and have fun!


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