Life with the Casebeers

Its a fun life, really. We laugh a lot. We cry rarely. We try to have as much fun as we can. All in all, we like life being the Casebeers. End of post.

You weren't going to let me off that easily, were you? Life has been to good to us so far together, but it isn't all peaches and cream. For instance, lately I have been punching Ashley in the face while sleeping. Unknowingly of course. You could set off a blowhorn under my pillow and I wouldn't wake up. And apparently I have been sleeping as if there were a blowhorn under my pillow and swinging my arms around. But she treats me pretty fairly after these instances...I'm grateful for that!

Life has also seen me start my year of travel (for work). I'll be spending 6 weeks in Washington DC this year for the NADA Academy (Nat'l Auto Dealers Association). My brother and I will be learning intensely what it takes to run an auto group and how to be more effective leaders. It is a huge task but we will be so much better off after this year!

Ashley on the other hand is busy with Grad school full-time while I'm gone (and while I'm here). Her 3rd term ends next week (how time flies!) and will moving on to term #4 and a thesis. "Yuck" she says as I write this. I agree.

It has been a great start to 2011 - our first Valentines Day together (a smashing success!), a trip to the National Championship game (don't wanna talk about it), and our first anniversary, which is in 2 weeks from today. We are so grateful for what we have and are looking forward to this next phase in our lives! Any suggestions?

Keep checking back. I'm going to try to do more posting this year. In the meantime, enjoy what you have and look for ways to enhance it!

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