It's baby time.

A little while back I received a Facebook message from my friend Harry.  At first, it seemed pretty funny.  Actually, it still is funny, but now as Baby Casebeer is getting closer and closer I am realizing some of this stuff he said is true, or will be true!  Here it is:

"Alex Congrats on the new baby boy, because you are now going to be a Father you are immediately granted with the following Man-Characteristics.
1. You automatically have Fatherly wisdom in all aspects of life (Great Responsibility).
2. You automatically have old man strength regardless of age.
3. You automatically are the encyclopedia of all things regarding scotch, cigars, shaving, and boat fuel.
4. You have been looked up to, now you are automatically looked up to by wife and child."

Ok so some things in here definitely ring true. 

Number 2.  I am still working on this.  But definitely know about this alleged old man strength.  I've seen it in action before in older men.  It's impressive.

Number 3.  Ok I like cigars and shaving.  I'm working my way into being a scotch drinker, so give me some time on that.  Boat fuel?  Well I like riding in boats and don't know anything or care about the fuel that goes in.  BUT! I'll pretend like I know anything.

Number 1.  I accept the fact that I will at some point have wisdom in life.  And it is a huge responsibility!  But for now I'm just trying to figure this life out one day at a time, letting Jesus take the lead.

Number 4.  Ok this one scares me a little big.  While I do realize that once I got married, I was in a position of leadership.  My wife looks to me for decisions and at times guidance.  Now I will have a child looking for those same things!  Wow, this is huge.  And you know what?  I can't wait!

I recently read a great article on one man's take on parenting.  It goes along with a book I read also, so I am beginning to think there is a trend here.  Take a look at this quote from the article:
            "We can no longer guide our children by dictatorial or condescending lectures. They are not listening, but they are watching, and thus, like it or not, we must come to grip with the inescapable fact that the way we live our own life is the only appropriate influence we have on our children's lives. No lectures; no discussion; just do it. Just be it."

I love this quote on all levels.  Here is a guy who realizes that he is in a distinct position to lead his kids.  He understands that lectures aren't going to get it done, but that actions will.  Leading a life of whimsy and adventure (with integrity) will show them what it's all about.  And THAT is the part about parenting that I am looking forward to.

So September 2 this adventure begins.  Sure there will be sleepless nights in the beginning.  But who cares?  I want there to be sleepless nights later in life with them because we are out doing something crazy.  If you have any other advice, let me know!  I'm all ears.

Until next time, no more lectures.  Just go out and be it!

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