He is arrested...and the official Grand Tour

Do you recall my friend Susan? My fellow office worker? Well the dude that she talks to every 7 minutes was in custody today...I don't know how it went down, but I heard one phone call. You know which "one" I'm talking about. Will update you when I know more!

So I have survived (not really the right word) Week One at Nana's house. I say survive only because it's a new environment. It is not bad - at all. Let me take you on a tour.

The picture on the upper right (UR) is the office as you come upstairs in to my living quarters. My space contains: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, this office, a sitting area the size of 2 bedrooms, and some storage. Needless to say, it's ample space.

The picture on the LR is my bed and is so big because that's what it is...too big to fit on the iPhone camera. I can lay at any angle possible and still have all 4 extremities touching bed. I can go total X style and be totally fine. The hall way on the UL is my bath room and my big A walk in closet. Could double for another bedroom if need be.

The decor, however.......sketchy. It's a mix of a antiques, the taste of a 67 year old, and collections of many years and many houses. However, it seems to come together in its own way. You should see it at Christmas time. Woah.

So as you can see, I'm doing fine. My days are screwy, for the most part. At the gym early 2 or 3 days a week, home late 7 nights a week. Nana and I don't get much alone time, which is good because she'd probably employ me in her jewelry making side business that she has going ($240 sold yesterday!). I'm sure I'd screw everything up that she makes.

Other than that, I'm still bored with "Abraham", my current book. Only 23 more pages. If I hadn't blogged tonight, I would have finished it. Dang it!

Ashley and I are enjoying our new gym membership (www.mylt.com). She made me do the "Strictly Strength" class tonight - kicked my ass (sorry for the language). But seriously. You think you're tough? Go to a SS class with a bunch of middle aged women and see who's the tough one. One hour of pure hell. But you know what? You feel good at the end.
**BREAKING NEWS!** My mom visited! She made the 3,000 mile trek last weekend, and her very first trip to Georgia! I'm guessing it won't be her last...but it was jam packed. We were tourists one day - a trip to the CNN headquarters (very cool), the Coca Cola tour (you get to taste 64 different Cokes from around the world...beware of Asia!!) and the Georgia Acquarium (World's Biggest...and I'm not just saying that it is huge...it actually is the biggest in the world). The GA is pretty unbelievable. They have Whale Sharks (we watched the feeding), Boluga Whales, everything you can imagine. We spent Friday night with Ashley's family, and Saturday touring around Alpahretta. Got to see Dave Barnes and Drew Holcomb on Saturday night which was a great show! Then we capped off the weekend by showing her the majestic North Point Community Church, one of the biggest in the nation (can you tell that everything is bigger here?). It was great having her come all this way to see Ashley and I and to see where she grew up, and to see our lives together here.

That's about all to report from here. I'll end this blog how my Dad ends every voicemail that he leaves me - with a weather report (ask me why. I have no idea).

Well, 45 degrees, pretty cloudy and really windy. Crappy. See ya later. Click.

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