We are all the same

We're kings, we're free, we're weak, we're empty

We're strong, we fail, we trust and deceive, we doubt and we believe

We are, We are, We are, All the same. We are, we are, we are all the same.

We're wrong, we're fools, we're wise, we're beautiful

We're fake, we hate, we're cruel and we're kind, we give up and some of us find

We all look for love and some of us look to above

And no matter what one of us may believe

We're all searching for a love that never leaves

We are We are We are all the same

But we all have different eyes...And we see through different lives

We're saved, we're damned, we hope, we can understand

We're loved, we kill, we give and we need we break down and some of us achieve

We all look for love it never changes...God loves us all.

And no matter what one of us may believe

We're all searching for a love that never leaves.

We are We are We are all the same.
I didn't write this. I wish I did, because it is all true. We really are all searching for one thing - a love that will never leave us. We look in strange places, look all over our lives for it, but typically it (He) is right in front of us. We chase love around by buying things, stressing about things, always wanting the next best person or thing, but really, we are all just the same. We want to be loved! My friend Sam Martin (http://www.sammartinmusic.com/) wrote this song and for some reason I have been listening to it lately. You should check it out too - it's a free listen on his website. It has a music video that is amazing too!

Let's see, what else can I ramble on about this morning? How about an update on some unfinished business?
- I finally finished Abraham. Not looking back.
- Susan in my office, I have discovered, is married. But she tells at least 3 different people that she loves them and misses them...and they are not her kids, because she has none. This confuses me. To be continued.....
- Ashley and I have a fun-filled weekend coming up...Sister Hazel (where did THEY go??) concert tomorrow night, and then we get to watch the Portland TrailBlazers destroy, annihilate, and embarrass the Atlanta Hawks.......from the front row. Thanks Chris Brickell for that hook up!
- Things at Casa Nana are great...she insists on doing my laundry, which is great, because my clothes have never been pressed or ironed in their life. She loves ironing. She irons my tee-shirts. And I'm pretty sure she gets the socks too. I have never seen so many perfect creases in my life. Plus she makes a MEAN chicken salad! But if you want to be truly humbled in life, have your girlfriend's grandmother clean your dirty underwear. She said, and I quote: "Well at least I know what to get you for your birthday".....wink.


Have a great weekend!

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j.o. said...

HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Nana, is as they would say over here, very cheeky. Love it. And Love YOU!