What in the world?

What in the world is God's call in our lives? How do we figure that out? Do we sit around and wait for a loud gong or something? Do we wait for the infamous lightning bolt that God will send down to get our attention? Do we just trust that God is in control? Or do we sit idly and wait. And wait. And wait some more.

I think that is the most confusing question for a follower of Christ. It says all over the New Testament to listen to the voice of God...or to follow His will for us. It is reality. It is something we have to be willing to trust and to buy in to. But it may be something we do not want or think is right for us. Oftentimes we come to the inevitable fork in the road (Yogi Berra says to "Pick it up!"). One way may be our way, the easy way. The other way may be hard. And confusing. And strange. But it also may be God's way - or His will. Have you experienced this? I have. I'm not saying that I am experiencing it right now, but really just encouraging us all to keep listening.

So how do we listen? How do we "hear God's voice"? I think a lot of it starts by reading. I'm not talking about James Patterson here, although I am guilty of picking up his books when I don't want to be challenged in my life. I am talking about diving into scripture and pulling from it. Applying something - anything - to our lives. Ashley and I have been reading through Acts lately, and have both been loving it. It's one of those books in the NT that I just gloss over. I go immediately to the General Electric Power Company (Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians) or to the Gospels when I read. Never Acts. But I wish we read it and talked about it everyday. It is powerful and amazing. The Disciples had SO MUCH faith in God. They would go into the hardest, darkest places and be BOLD. Because they knew, from reading scripture and studying it, that God would honor their faith in Him. God promised them all power and authority in His name to heal and preach, and they believed it. They were so secure in that they were willing to die for it. And 11 of the 12 did. Paul was thrown in jail (after being stoned and tortured) and stayed there waiting for trial for things he didn't do for 2 years. And just before getting to trial, his captors lead him about 4 miles away from jail and cut his head off. But reading through his letters to the Philippians and Ephesians he had JOY in jail! And on top of that, he converted Roman guards from the cell! Talk about faith and boldness. Talk about following God's call for his life. He listened...and trusted.

I also think that "listening to God's will" involves prayer and counsel. I think it is a very good thing to have someone to talk to about this complex. For me, it is usually an older man - Sco, Fox, Herb, etc. They always seem to help me flesh out my thoughts and give me a plan to act. By no means do they interpret God's call for me, because they have no idea. But they listen to what I think God is telling me or calling me to or what my "gut" says and help me through it.

I don't even know why I am writing about this. I'm not an expert. Far from it, in fact. But I know that God has called us to something. And I willing to find out what it is.

PS. The Hawks game was great...Phillips Arena is sweet! The Thrashers game didn't work out...communication breakdown! Oh well. And things at the office are pretty mellow, although there was a massive upheaval this morning surrounding the outcome of "The Bachelor" last night....Jason Meznik is an idiot and a sleazebag!


Tamar said...

Alex, what a great reminder today from God who is our creator and knows who we are and calls us to be obedient. I am now in Colossians,and learning a lot about who Paul was and the letters he wrote. Acts is a good one and deems a lot of discussions. May I send this to some of my friends? I know that others would be inspired by it, of course credit will go to God and you :) God bless you!

j.o. said...

Good word Alexander. One other thing you might have mentioned was this idea that God doesn't want us to sit most of the time. Occasionally He may be calling for that from us, but I believe in general, He wants us to be active and assertive in our days even while we have uncertainty. Basically, doing the things we have to do to prepare ourselves for the next step, even if we don't know exactly what that next step is. Just a thought. love you mang.