If I say the term, "That guy", I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. You know, that guy. You never want to be that guy, and generally make fun of that guy. Well, I was that guy. Most of this happened over the last week, and I thought I'd give you some insight to my worst series of accidents of being "that guy".

- I fell asleep on the plane this weekend with my tray down in front of me. Had a full glass of water. Jolted myself awake, hitting the tray upwards and spilling the water all over myself and the 70 year old next to me. THAT GUY.

- Proceeded to choke on what was left of the water and cough for 10 minutes uncontrollably. CHOKING GUY.

- Got out of my car last week and dropped everything I had in my hands - coffee, what I was about to ship at the UPS store, some change, sunglasses, and a book. Everyone driving by just stared......PARKING LOT GUY.

- Plane delayed, short connection, zero time. Running thru the Denver Airport with 2 bags and sweating, only to miss my plane by 5 minutes. Breathing hard, yelling at the person at the check stand. AIRPORT GUY.

- At the Yardhouse in Palm Springs, Matt pretends to slap the waitress in the you-know-what, causing her to tell management, causing a scene. THOSE GUYS.

- While working out, accidentally pulled the "STOP" ripcord on the tredmill, causing me to trip and then yank my iPhone out of the holder thingy. It then landed on the tredmill and shot about 10 feet backwards, leaving me standing there looking around in amazement. THAT GUY.

Have you ever been that guy? Got any stories of that guy? Please, share! And stop making fun of me!


CarrieRayLitchfield said...

Laughing out loud reading your post, Alex! And Matthew Casebeer!(Can you hear my mom-voice? If I knew your middle name, I would've used it!)

Alex Casebeer said...

His middle name is McKay...mine is James...feel free to shout it out!