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“Are you ready to play Oregon vs. Washington: Who is smarter?” Yes I am! “Do you think you’ll beat Washington today?” I hope so, I’m not very smart! “OK Alex, you are up against Diane today. The topic is: Babies.”

This was the scene yesterday morning while I am driving to work. I called in to 99.5 The Wolf (hoooowwwwllll) radio station and was chosen to play their daily game show “Who is smarter, Oregon or Washington?” Little did I know that the topic was babies and I was going up against a 62 year old woman! I mean, talk about your all time underdogs!! Diane went first and got 2 out of 3 questions right, and I went second and matched her. OVERTIME! I am feeling pretty excited about this already, seeing as how I was pretty sure I would go 0 for 3. Anyway, the OT question was this: For every 100 girls born, how many boys are born? Fat chance. Diane guessed 108, I guessed 91. She was closer, it was 105. A loss, as expected, but a great way to pass the time on a trafficy freeway!

BREAKING GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Ashley got her first 2 sub jobs! This is an answer to frustration, prayer, tears and hope. She needed something positive to happen, and lo and behold, she’s teaching today and Thursday. We could not be happier!

MORE BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! It turns out I can sell cars after all. After selling one on my first day on the sales floor, I have now sold 6 this month, and am 2nd on the Salesman of the Month leaderboard. This matters for 2 reasons: 1) Pride. 2) Free car and gas for a month from the dealership! I’ll keep you posted.

EVEN MORE BREAKING GOOD NEWS UPDATE!!!! Ashley was offered a FREE place to live until we get married! And it is SWEET. It is in the basement of a friend’s parents house, BUT has separate entrance, alarm system, and brand new everything. Carpet, stone tile floors, granite counters, stainless steel appliances…I mean it is awesome. And it is free. And we will finally be able to hang out together somewhere other than a stupid restaurant.

NEWS UPDATE! The Oregon Ducks have won 5 in a row, ranked 13th in the nation. Bring it! Although my favorite down-to-earth quote from their coach: “This only guarantees that we could end the season 5-7”. Buzz kill!

Things are on the up and up folks. God wins, again. It is funny how sometimes He lets you get right to the end of your rope, and then makes His strategic move. He has our attention.

In other totally unrelated news, my brother and wife found out they are having a girl! This is monumental. Casebeer’s don’t have girls. This family is riddled with boys. My mom marries Peter, who has 4 boys. My dad and mom both have 2 bothers. I have 1 brother (except for the Halloween where we dressed up as sisters). This is HUGE. There is going to be pink appropriately worn. Ashley will be able to show off at how good of an aunt she will be. My mom is already freaking out. My dad has uttered the word ‘cute’ numerous times, and Carrie has started knitting booties, hats, and pink scarves. Times are a’ changin! I love it, and can’t wait for February 16th! Name is thus far unknown, but I am going with Scarlett. What’s your bet?

The moral of today’s blog: Keep pressing on. You never know what is going to happen. You never know how “it” is going to turn out. You never know that just because you are headed in one direction you may end up going in an entirely new one. Until next time, turn your headlights on and buckle up!

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j.o. said...

Good thoughts mang. Glad to hear things are on the up and up. Love you!