Annnnd I'm back!

Good day friends! Has it really been 2 months since I've written a blog? What the heck am I thinking? My apologies. After an "indefinite break" from blogging (see Tiger Woods), I have decided to begin writing again. I'm not even sure why I stopped. Maybe a major life change got in the way. Maybe I should have written my way thru it! None the less, my writers block has been lifted and the creative juices are flowing again! Well, time will tell on that one. I do ask one thing if YOU, however...I like ideas, I need ideas. I will be asking for topics to write about. More on that later. On to a quick update, and topic #1.

Some last-60-day highlights in the life of Alex and Ashley...
- Found THE PLACE that will be our first dwelling as a married couple. Check it out... www.livepark19.com. It is very cool and in a great location in NW Portland!
- Finalized the HONEYMOON plans! Bring it on, Antigua! (hermitagebay.com)
- Have been going to a cool church in Beaverton, OR called Solid Rock. We haven't decided quite yet if this will be "the one", but we like it so far.
- I have sold 25 cars so far...5 this month...we will see how I end December!
- Ashley is leaving me for 3 weeks starting Tuesday...aka "the longest 3 weeks of my life"
- Been slowly making friends, reconnecting with old friends, and spending quality time with my brother and his wife. Baby Neice countdown: 60 days.

Overall, life is hectic, busy, but slowly getting better here in Oregon. Hopefully my job situation will stabilize a little bit and Ashley and I will actually be able to spend more time together! Looking forward to 2010...

Ok, now for my "back to blogging" topic #1: The Christmas Spirit. Are you in it? Has the spirit come over you? Do you even like the Christmas spirit? Here are things Ashley and I have done that contribute to the spirit of Christmas.

- Pioneer Square Tree Lighting Ceremony. Big tree. Lots of lights. Hot chocolate. I mean come on, if THAT isn't in the spirit what the heck is?
- The Nutcracker Ballet. We are going tonight and we can't wait!!
- Limiting myself to only Christmas music until Christmas is over. People, grin and bear it. It's only about 27 days.
- Peppermint Lattes. I probably need to stop ordering them......
- Soup. Has nothing to do with Christmas, but we seem to eat more soup this time of year.
- Christmas parties. Ashley and I went to my first ever company party. It was interesting...at a Lebanese restaurant, with a really tacky speech by the company owner, and really crappy gifts. Other than that, we really enjoyed the free drinks and food!

Some downfalls to this season...no tree (lack of space and Ashley is leaving), no lights (I mean, can you really put lights on a basement apartment?), spending Christmas apart (I hate my work schedule). BUT! 2010 is going to be the best one ever, because it will be our first one married!

Ok so I'm back. But I need and want your help. What is my next topic? I will write about the best one received, so put in your votes!! Thanks!

Love to you all, and keep Christ in Christmas please!!

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Harry Marks said...

Hey there my man, Harry Marks here saying that you need to talk about, either diversifying your portfolio, bears and how they became a common kids cuddle toy, when really they are ferocious animals. Or how much you are missed, i think about you every-time i pass a case of beer (specifically natty light, dont know why) and yea so i love you like way to much for any man to ever admit on the world wide web.