Camp Decompression

Camp decompression sometimes equals camp depression. You know - you miss the place you love. In this case, I miss the feeling I love. The feeling of constant service, the feeling of surrounding love, the feeling of God everywhere. You miss the things that once seemed monotonous but ended up great. You miss the simplicity, the way of life, and the way of the people. I'll admit it - I miss camp! Coming home is such a shock - lots of cars, lots of stresses, lots of things. At camp, you worry only about a few things: working hard, loving people as best you can, serving as hard as you can, and being a great model. Maybe that's how life really should be lived?

Some things I love / miss about camp:
- 3 normal meals a day (why does it seem harder to do this at home?)
- Walking everywhere, and sometimes riding a bike
- Hanging at the smoker's pit with the tough kids (easily the most action at camp)
- Stone House Coffee in the morning
- Fruit shakes with Sco nearly every day
- Pretending that we'd run every day, and making it 2 weeks
- Smiles
- Walkie Talkies (won't miss these too much actually)

I'll miss the war room in the morning, where we'd go over some scripture, and more importantly go over our hearts. That daily check in was healthy and worth it.

I'll miss the excitement of 350 or kids per week - the littlest things make them happy, ie hospital corners on beds, pizza delivered to their cabin at 12am, blobbing, program characters, etc. It is so refreshing.

I'll miss the freshness of Day 1's. And the elation of Day 7's.

Most of all, I'll miss seeing kids stand up on the last day to profess their faith in Christ. How amazing to be a part of this experience. How amazing to be a worker for God's kingdom. How amazing to feel the Holy Spirit move into kids' lives. Kids like Loren (the self-professing atheist turned Believer), and like Sean (who had so much hurt in his life that he cried 5 out of 7 days at camp, but found Jesus' love and let people know about it).

Needless to say, Day 1 at home is not as cool as Day 1 at camp. Day 1 is groggy, and not as exciting. Day 1 will get better for us all who have the same feeling, but for now, let's just feel so happy about what we were apart of. Let's feel loved. Let's feel honored that God paved the way for us to have been at Lost Canyon, because not many people get to do that.

Here's to bringing some camp spirit back home!

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