Final Update!

Good afternoon friends!

As I type this email, busses are leaving camp for the 4th week. 260 or so campers have come to camp, taken it over, and are now headed back. Of those 260, we counted about 60 that stood up and accepted Jesus into their lives! Again - the Kingdom has been impacted, and heaven is having a "major rager" party celebrating this! As for us, here is what is going on:

- Tonight consists of a banquet dinner - assigned team will be serving the Summer Staff and Work Crew, and we can't wait!
- Busses/cars leave camp tomorrow for good at 9 AM.
- We will party hard tonight and celebrate what God has done over the past 4 weeks. We, as an entire team (work crew, summer staff, program, etc) have been impacted in a great way, and tonight we get to reminisce and have fun for the last time this month!

Some highlights from week 4:
- Sean (tough kid, been in jail for assault), was having a difficult time with a leader of his. He was feeling antagonized and made fun of by his peers and pretty much everyone. I had talked to him multiple times throughout the week (he became my "1" - sometimes you leave the 99 for the 1), and was so happy to see him stand up and profess his faith today!
- Many of the work crew servers said today that they had been praying for a specific table this week, and EVERY one of them stood up today at say so!
- Loren, from last week, walked the 3 miles to camp from Williams to say hey. He is also contemplating doing work crew 3rd session!!
- Martin led the New Believer Walk today - he did amazing!
- Neal spoke at Say So - also did amazing!
- The sickness slowly went away in this house. . .there are still a few coughs and sneezes, but overall, we feel better and feel good leaving!

Some final prayer//praiase requests:
** Please pray for safe travel! We have people flying to the east coast, to the south, driving. . .we need some safety prayers!
** Pray for the morale of the goodbye - that it would be a happy send off, and not a negative, sad thing.
** Please pray for the new assigned team that comes in tomorrow! This camp will look very different tomorrow, so please pray for the transition for the Lost Canyon Property Staff.
** By our tally, we think somewhere around 450 kids met Jesus Christ this month. God is so powerful, and we are all in awe of what He did and will continue to do!

The pictures that I attached are from this morning's believer walk. Great images to go along with our mission! It is SO fun welcoming in our new believer friends into the Kingdom! It's why we do this. . .

Well thank you so much for coming along on this journey with us. We are all honored that you would be praying for us everyday, and lifting up our needs and thoughts and our everything. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Thanks for reading the camp updates. . .I'll be back with more entertaining stories soon! Until then, enjoy life!

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