What's happening?

For starters, a great trip to the beach! Actually, that has already happened. Talk about the ultimate camp wind-down. Ashley, Jamie and I took off on Tuesday after realizing that I didn't have to work until this week for Orange Beach, AL to meet their mom and friends for a few days. Here are some highlights and snapshots:
- Great seafood! Aunt Lynn cooked crab for us one night - and it was amazing. But all seafood is great there, because it's fresh!
- Sunsets. There really is nothing like a beachy sunset.
- Dolphins, crabs, stingrays, and sharks. We had encounters with all 3!
- Lots of tanning and relaxing. It's not like the Oregon coast, where jeans and a hoodie are required at most times. No - here, you sit in a chair with a cup holder (presumably with a beer in it), and your feet are in the ocean. If a big wave comes along, it comes up and hits in you in the butt. Probably the most relaxing place I can think of. . .needless to say, it was a great trip!

What else is happening? Well back to work for me. . .and back to wedding planning for Ash! On the docket: save the dates, invitations, engagement pictures, flowers? Things are going to start rocking now!

Still a busy summer ahead - Ashley is in a wedding that has some fun commitments coming up, we'll be taking a trip to Oregon for my grandparents 60th anniversary (VERY cool), and then potentially planning a move across the country. . .not sure of when or how, but we're looking into it!

Meanwhile, I'm trying to convince Young Life that they need a Camp Blogger. I mean, how cool would that be? Travel around to various camps, write about what is going on. This could reap huge benefits for them! So if you happen to run into the President or VP's, put some pressure on them for me, ok?? Thanks!

Until next time, enjoy life as it comes at you!

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