Mercies in Disguise

I read that 3 word statement the other day embedded in some text and thought to myself, "Hmmm, that's interesting". And I think "Hmm, that's interesting" just about sums up "Mercies in Disguise". Agree? Disagree? I would also state inputting "blessings" for "mercies" works as well.

This world can be strange at times. Really strange. A while back I showed up to work thinking it will just be another day at work. I certainly did not expect what happened next. One of our salespeople was having an issue with child care and wasn't sure what to do. She came to me for whatever reason and we had a chat. After talking about some different things going on in her life, I was feeling the at-times dreaded "nudge" from the Holy Spirit. You know, the one that tells you to do something you don't really want to do? Well the nudge was to ask her if I could pray for her. I have no idea if she is a believer, if this will be totally offensive, but decided to go for it. That was definitely the first time I've ever prayed with an employee at work! I would call that a Mercy in Disguise.

Or how about making an outlandish bet with my sales staff (in front of the entire company) that if they hit a certain volume of vehicle sales I'd shave my head (in front of the entire company - on the showroom floor). Well they hit it. And I shaved. Not only did we have a great sales month, but the morale got a huge bump. It's amazing what buy in and a little shaving of the head does for the guys. Disguises are interesting. They are, at their core, designed to cover up something you might not want someone to see. You know, bandaids, ace bandages, wigs that men wear, and at times poor excuses. But maybe God disguises His things differently. Maybe He's not so obvious with things like grace and love. Maybe they come through the form of something else (mercies in disguise?), like truth, honesty and friendship. I don't know how He works, but I know one thing - He keeps us on our toes. And He keeps me wondering about what He'll disguise next. Until next time, keep your head up and heart open to what God is doing. He just might trick you into something amazing and adventurous!

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Chelsea Bell said...

Alex I love this! Thanks for posting; wonderful perspective