And I'm back

Sorry for the absence from the blog! I was on vacation.

Something in my shower smells horrendous, and it's not me. Lately when I get in my already funky shower there is this overpowering smell of................something. Like a rat crawled in the pipes, froze to death because I had the heat off for the past 10 days, then came back to life because I turned the heat back on, and then died again. And it is only occuring in the shower! It's not because it isn't clean - I have Cometed that thing to death. But it sucks and it causes me to take extraordinarily short showers, which I hate. I love showering. Now I hate showering. Because of the rat.

Anyway, I was going to get all reflecty on you about my trip back to Oregon, but then I realized no one cares. I will go bullet-point style on the major events and thoughts from the trip.

- Blazer games are fun, but are way more fun from the 1st row! Thanks to Kevin for those seats...
- Duck games are fun, but are way more fun when you anihilate the Oregon State Beavers!! 65-38 is all that needs to be said.
- I have amazing friends in Bend. And I love my house there!
- Charades is brutal with my step-family. Fun, but brutal. They are way smarter than me (or anyone, for that matter). You have to describe people, places, or things such as : Igor Stravinsky, Botswana, "Steel Magnolias", Absolom, Absolom, "The Marriage of Fiagro", Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart. You get the picture. It's impossible. My mom dominated, however.
- Scott Casebeer and Alex Casebeer are collectively Clark Griswold when putting up Christmas lights. Ladders falling, stapling things you shouldn't, etc. It is a sight to behold. But the finished product is nothing short of a miraculous sight!
- I asked my dad if he has read my blog. He said, "I deleted you". I said, WTF. He said, "You didn't mention me in your Top 5 Favorite Lists bloggy and it hurt my feelings. I deleted you". Point taken.

Top 5 Memories with Dad
- Pebble Beach golf in a hurricane after having 70 degrees and sunny at Spanish Bay the day before
- Ski trips to Sun Valley, Aspen, Deer Valley...it's a tie
- Christmas light extravaganzas
- Playing in the Father Son golf tourny at Waverly CC, and at the Member Guest at Bend G&CC
- Having him caddy for me in the Oregon Amateur. It was awesome, hard to explain, but a connection was forged there.

- Back to the list
- Missing Ashley sucked. We are much better together. That is clearly evident after spending 10 days apart!
- Wine tasting is always fun, no matter who you are with or where you are at.
- I love Christmas movies (watched the following with Dad and Carrie: The Grinch, Die Hard, The Santa Clause, Elf, Die Hard 2, and Christmas Vacation). Late nights, needless to say.
- I was thinking to myself, Who says you have to have turkey on Thanksgiving Day? Why not pizza, or tuna or peanut butter and jelly? Then I realized that I love - maybe more than anything in the world - left over turkey sandwhiches. Oh man want one right now!! Dumb thought.

I think that is all for now friends. Thanks for checking back in. I will not delay 2 weeks next time! It's nice to be back in Boone.....

Happy Birthday Andy Howard!

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