Tales from the airplane

So I traveled home yesterday, and was lucky that I made it. The weather has been horrific, but I was one of few that had no delays or anything! Must have been my lucky day. Anyway, I was incredibly lucky to have been sitting next to the two people I did...check out what happened.

I am sitting on the window, not wanting to talk to anybody. Feeling rather antisocial, I put in my ipod earphones and zone out. The guy next to me sits down, says hey, and that's the only correspondence we have. A girl sits next to him, and immediately starts asking questions to this stranger next to her. He is military, late 20's, good looking. He seemed pretty lame - dorky, very focused on his fitness, and kind of dumb. She has about 15 tats and piercings and looks rough...but decent looking, also late 20's. She is into art (started knitting as soon as she sat down). This whole time I have not picked a song to listen to, so I am looking like I am listening to something but secretly listening to them. Anyway, here they go.

She asks, Where are you going? He says, Anchorage to visit my mom. She says, Wow, that's f***ing far away. Why are you here? (bluntly) He says, I'm in the military. She says, I used to date a military guy. Didn't work out. He says, Do you have something against the military? She says, No. I have something against him though. He says, You should look into joining (bold). She says, Hell no, I would never do that s***. I like art and don't like being told what to do. Anyway, they keep talking, going over the basics (Do you have a pet? He has a lizard, she has a dog). She's going to Idaho, he has lived all over the US, blah blah blah. I fall asleep, and wake up 20 minutes later to the follow scene:

Two bloody mary's in front of them, they are laughing and smiling. They seem pretty friendly now! This QUICKLY moves in to more talking (flirty style), sharing each other's ipods (you know when one person has 1 ear thing and the other has the other?) That moves in to more laughter, and now some serious cuddling. Must have found some romantic music. They share a head rest. They keep flirting. Then they both get up and head for the bathoom. Are you thinking what I was????

Tough luck. Two minutes later they came back. Cocktailed up, on the same page music wise, he now starts massaging her. Full on (almost groping). They both turn toward the isle, and he just goes to town. Lots of rubbing, massaging, and whipsering sweet nothings in to her ear and she nods yes in response. This whole time I am just enthralled as to what is happening between these two strangers!! You know, like looking around to see if other people are witnessing what I am seeing, that sort of thing.

Now we are about 15 minutes from landing and he starts being lame again, asking her stupid questions...they talk about their signs (he's a pisces, she's a libra), her desperate need for a cigarette (she tried to quit once for 7 months and had a mental breakdown), his getting her thoughts on what to add to his tatoo, etc. They finish by exchanging emails, and head off the plane. I follow. Lurk, really. They head straight to the bar for another drink and probably some.........

Well it was interesting, to say the least. Kept my attention almost the whole time. I read about 2 pages of my book (pretended to at least), listened to nothing, and was totally focused on the budding love (lust) happening beside me.

Have a Merry Christmas! Don't forget about the crazier story that happened 2008 years ago or so...pretty amazing.

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j.o. said...

interesting story....sounds entertaining, though a bit sad.