End of an era

Today is Ashley's last day ever in college. Wow. That statement in itself is amazing. Last day in college. I remember thinking to myself when that was me, This is crazy. She's now making the same statement. What is more crazy is that I remember her FIRST day in college! Back at good 'ol Ole Miss (can you say that? good ol ole miss? Doesn't really work). Now she is graduating (Sunday) from The Mighty Appalachian State University. What a ride it has been! Am I talking about her, or us? You decide.

I was talking with Ashley and Christi last night and we decided that there is something infectious about Queen Street, their house. People always leave there thinking, I wish I came here more often, or I wish I could stay longer. It doesn't matter if it is the YL guys wishing they hung around more often at Queen St, or people who have moved out (and married) remembering the great days and nights there, or roommates moving out for good. There is something about that place that seems to bring people together and sort of solidify friendships. Catch phrase is a major component of this. As is watching The Biggest Loser, Jeopardy, and Jon and Kate + 8. I can honestly say that I will miss Queen Street. I will missed being locked out and climbing thru the window to get in. I will miss drinking wine and gossiping (terrible, I know). I will miss the girls that live there. And I'm sure Ashley will really miss it after having lived there for 2.5 years. But there is also something healthy and good about moving on and having such great memories of a certain time of life. I hope and pray that the Queen St girls will never forget those times!

In other news, I catch flack around here for never having devoted an entire blog to Ashley. I suppose that in lieu of her graduating, she deserves such an honor! Some highlights of our time in Boone (the first time we have ever lived in the same town):
- Shows/concerts. Tim Reynolds, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Drew/Elle Holcomb, that one random jazz trio, PW, and BJ Novak.
- Trips. Asheville, Nashville, Winston Salem, Windy Gap, Alpharetta, wine tasting in Banner Elk, "The Wedding" (Durham/Raleigh), Montreat College.
- Dates. We never get to date. It is FUN!
- Birthdays. Never have we spent a birthday together. Let me say that again. After 4 years of dating, we have never spent our birthdays together!! We were 2 for 2 this year!
- Realizing that we are much better together than we are apart.
- Cooking. We both kind of suck, but had moments of brilliance! (Alex = quesadillas, Ashley = steak/potatoes
- Driving. Lots and lots of driving. And NEVER in the Jimmy.
- Her changing my hatred of Buffalo Wings into a love for Buffalo Wings!!

I could go on and on about the last 3 months...but it has been very good living in the same place. We figured out a lot of things about each other than really can't be figured over the phone and 3,000 miles. We have come a long way in the last 3 months...and over the last 4 years!

No more college Ash! This day was bound to get here eventually!!

One final note...adios to Kirbi...it has been fun!

One more final note...adios Queen Street. I will really miss you, and it has been really fun!

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