A birthday, a parade, and one a hell of a game of Catchphrase

Buckle up friends, this might be a long one. But hang in there...it will be worth it! And as Matt Wade says, the pictures at the end will be the icing on the cake!!

So since the last time we have talked, a lot has happened. Not really, but it was a fun weekend. Ashley and I kicked it off having some dinner at a nicer restaurant in downtown Boone. Food? Great. Wine? Great. Gay waiter? Interesting. Have you ever heard the old addage that if a waiter makes physical contact (in a good way, of course) with a customer their tip increases by like 5 %? Well this guy would have had about a 75 % increase in tip. He was all over me!! I lost count of his touching efforts after 8. Ashley just laughed at me. I felt invaded. Anyway, moving on. We spent the rest of the night at the Wine to Water wine tasting event....but really we spent it with PW Gopal and Doc's kid Beattie. Beattie is easily the cutest baby I've ever seen...and he was really fond of sucking on Ashley's chin (see picture below...hilarious!) Needless to say, whenever there is a baby involved it is an entertaining night!

Saturday morning welcomed us in with 20 degree weather and the infamous Boone Christmas Parade. Last year Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary rode in on a donkey and the donkey pooped right in front of Ashley and Christi and Kirbi. This year Joseph was riding a GMC Truck (good man, supporting the economy) wearing a bathroom towel. No Mary to be found, no Jesus either. I bet he was pissed at the donky incident so he stayed away. Daniel Boone and his confederates made an appearance though, so that was good!! But some highlighted floats include: a shopping cart, a hippie truck, a random alligator popping out of a PT Cruiser, and of course Cloggers. What are those, you are asking right now? Well they are basically tap dancers with clogs on. Only in the South, I tell ya. They were good though!

After the parade was the App State playoff game where Ashley and I met the most disgusting human being alive. Actually, the 2 most disgusting human beings alive. They were the two girls behind us who were yelling obsenities the entire game...no cheering, or encouraging our team on, but screaming "F-ing your S up!", or nicer things like "S my D" to which I yelled back "YOU HAVE NO D YOU ARE A FEMALE". And then, "SHUT UP". That didn't sit well. They also yelled phrases to the other team like "Shove it up your A", which made me wonder...shove what up their A? They were playing football and their A's really have nothing to do with it...anyway, it was awful. Horrible. I hate them and hope that they can find happiness somewhere in their lives because clearly they are missing something.

Saturday night brought Ashley and I to celebrate her birthday at the Gamekeeper...the nicest place to eat in Boone, hands down. We have been there twice now, and want to go back immediately. She had mountain trout. I had Bison. We had champagne. It was amazing. What was more amazing was the events that followed...the surprise birthday party and the greatest game in the world.

"THE GRILL THE GRILL THE GRILL THE GRILL!!!!!" - Matt Campbell, shouting.
(less than one second later) "GEORGE FORMAN" - Blake Robbins, cool as the other side of the pillow.
pass to the girls
"This is a place where a ton of wine is made, and you go there, and you drink it and they make it...." (at this point Blake leans over to Erin and says, "Erin, I think you mean beer...its a brewery")
Harry Marks says nothing. He just stands up really fast and starts moving his finger wildy in and out....to which someone yells, "TRIGGER FINGER!!!".
Pass to the girls and so on and so on.
You get the point. The game is Catchphrase, and it either solidifies friendships or ruins relationships. There is a huge amount of bromance and a scary amount of high pitched screaming. It is amazing. And about 10 of us played it for 2 hours on Saturday night. You don't need beers or TV or anything other than our little blue round friend that beeps and beeps and beeps faster and faster and fasterfaster and then BUZZZZZ. BOYS WIN!!!!!

A great weekend my friends. Wish you could have been here to enjoy it with us. Have a great Monday!

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